About Us

Heye AF was created by a small crew out of Tampa, Florida. The idea spawned during a sesh and grew into a brand that's in your face like a thick white cloud. We have a vision through our 3rd eye and it shows you as apart of Heye AF Family. Now you can stop having people ask that annoying ass question "are you high?" my threads say it all, I'm Heye AF!

Understand we love our plant but for those that don't we say this: Heye is not only an excited, euphoric, or stupefied state; especially : one produced by or as if by a drug(Merriam-Webster) but also a status you have been chasing since birth. Heyer education, Heyer income or Heye power. We love everyone of you the Heye AF family. So looks like its OK for you to get Heye too.

The Heye Culture is built on the diversity and creativity shared between the world's most diverse race; cannabis users. They want us quiet but join us in saying I'm Heye AF. Welcome to the Heyelife and we hope we can get Heye As Fuck with you soon.